Expression of love and sentiments may start with a good candlelight dinner or a delicious dinner in a renowned restaurant with a dim light encouraging your expression. Most of the restaurants have this common for lovers and your marital life too needs some unique and rare expressions. Ever wondered about the importance of this source of light or illumination that brings importance to your life?

Not only the light but the impression that makes the event special is also one looks out for. Table lamps, street lamps, lamps in restaurants, lamps in clubs, ceiling lamps etc. gives a different feel and looks depending upon the color of light and artistic appearance. If you might have heard about artichoke lamp or you own one of those lamps then you will be well aware about the unique and rare impression one can get through this lamp.

The original design was gifted to this world by Paul Hennigsen back in 1958. Poul was artistic in his nature and by profession he was an architect, writer and critics. The original design made by him was made of stainless steel with 72 artichoke leaves covering the lamp. The idea behind the design was to allow the light rays to be reflected through the leaves. His design soon became popular and in the years that followed later several companies came with modifications in the design as well as the replica of the original design.

The artichoke lamp available in the early stage was extremely expensive due to its rare design and the material such as gold and silver used in the production. In the years that followed manufacturers came up with designs made from bamboo, plaster and molds. These designs did give the look of the original artichoke with affordable prices. While its more than 50 years since the original concept was implemented, it still remains one popular and favorite among home users and interior designers.

Artichoke lamp comes in different size, designs and variety.

A red artichoke buffet lamp comes with a distressed red glaze over Porcelain with coffee bronze accents and oil rubbed bronze base. The square bell shade is of silk with the height of 36.75 inch, width of 12 inch, depth of 12 inch, shade of Square Bell Material: and Metal or Porcelain Lamp of 100W is surely a way to go for your buffet.

A sophisticated table lamp with a slender base with an artichoke design on the top, contrasting colors, golden finishing and a square base stand is perfect to be placed on your table. You may also find a pure white color with a shade of pearl. The top of the table lamp covered with an exterior net-based cushion, square base stand, white color coated finishing and beautiful finishing of artichoke in the middle part of the lamp will suit your style.

The design mentioned above comes with affordable price due to the fact that the design of artichoke lamp is made in such a way that artichoke is used in a symbolic manner and not as a whole concept with the use of leaves covering the lamps. These lamps may start from the range of 200 US dollars to 700 dollars. If you go for the original design with the leaves covering the lamp and providing rare reflection then you may have to consider the cost starting from 1500 US dollars that still makes it affordable due to the use of various cost-effective materials.

Artichoke lamp can be the centre of attraction for several festivals, occasions and celebrations in your house. One can use it for table, dinning tables, wall mounted design, ceiling designs or it can also be used in your yards and garden. There are several brands and designs available on Internet itself to choose from and the convenience of home delivery through affordable shipping prices makes it within your reach.

So now you can let your home decoration be enhanced and enrich your style with the help of a beautiful design of artichoke lamp to suit your house. The variety of colors as well as the different types and colors of lamps will also help you in matching them with
the color of your home and other decorations.

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